Tuesday, October 20, 2015


maybe i just wanna get married
maybe i just wanna fall asleep
but at least i know that the world is spinning when we’re tangled in the bedsheets

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Do You Have an Accent?

I grew up in a house of strong New York accents. My mom has an especially thick accent. It was so much different than the standard American English I heard on TV, or how my teachers and classmates sounded in rural Pennsylvania.

My grandmother, the modern woman, spoke without an accent. She had a perfectly manicured way of speaking. Clear and proper, especially when she used her phone voice. Something in my childhood brain told me that I should sound like that. I trained my ear to recognize accents and I trained my mouth to avoid them.

I became righteous and inwardly judged people for speaking with accents. I would think "How sloppy and uneducated! Why should I listen to your mispronounced words?!". Looking back, I see how foolish I was.

When people speak they are showing you parts of themselves. They are sharing what they think or believe an they are also showing you the places they've been. People show you a map of their life when they speak. My neighbor, a military man, has been stationed all over the US. When he speaks there are y'alls mixed in with his Minnesotan accent.

Accents are beautiful.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Perception of Reality

Each of our perceptions of reality is real. How we feel about these situations are just as real too. Your experiences, no matter how ultimately universal are different.

Here's the good news: you are not locked into your perception of anything!

There are two golden ways to stretch your perception. Both ways take practice, but are attainable.

Ask Questions Especially "WHY?!" 
Asking questions can help you get to the bottom of your situation. Start with easy questions, and get to the harder ones.

A few weeks ago, I was driving through the streets of Philadelphia in my old burgundy Volvo. It was around 10am after a one inch snowfall from the night before. Flurries were in the forecast all day. As I was driving, I noticed the flurries made my world look like the inside of a snow globe. The sky was a brilliant blue. The sun was warm and friendly. My mind automatically thought it was snowing again. I saw white snowflakes floating though the sky and the weather station said  there would be snow. In this moment, I thought "why". I asked myself "why did it look like it was snowing?". That questions made me question my perception of reality. I look around and take notice of the fluffy snow drifting from the tops of buildings surrounding me. It wasn't snowing at all, the wind was just blowing snow to the ground. Although I was experiencing the same beautiful snowy moment, it was somehow different.

Language is Important

We use words to describe our world. We describe our perception of reality to others and most importantly to ourselves. There is a dialogue going on in all of our minds, all of the time. These stories we tell ourselves can be a blessing, curse, or something in between the two.  

Language is an important when looking at your life from multiple angles. In the story above, I talked about it snowing when I saw snowflakes floating around. The more accurate language to describe it would have been to say "I saw snow". Seeing snow floating around to describe the event is truth in both perceptions of that situation, where as saying "it's snowing" is limiting.

Valentine's Day is upon us. I have been noticing 'woe is me because I'm single' posts have been popping up on social media like dandelions on a suburban lawn. With a perspective change, the reality of this situation can be turned on it's head. There are a few ways to get out of this hole using language. Valentine's day is a day for love, right? What is stopping anyone from loving each other? Romantic love is commonly celebrated on on February 14th, but can't we redefine it? Love is love is love. Self love, love for friends, love for family, love for strangers. Ever get that warm and fuzzy feeling from doing something sweet for someone else? Ever love yourself so MUCH you are bliss-ed out? Redefine the things that upset you. Dissect what bothers you, find the basic meaning and apply it to your life. Setting you self up for failure will result in failure. Setting yourself up for something better won't give you perfection, but you'll have a better view of your life.

Slow down, listen to how you talk to yourself. Talk back, take over. xoxo

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Quilt

The holidays are quickly approaching! I can help you give the perfect gift!

Let me make your loved one a custom quilt. Quilts are utilitarian heirlooms that will last a lifetime. All quilts are made with 100% cotton fabric, thread and batting... and of course LOVE!

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