Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rhode Island

This weekend Connie, Kate and I went to Rhode Island. The girls were invited to play a show. Here is a list of memorable events and some pictures too.

1. 'batorium
2. "Good gracious ass is bodasious"
3. owls
4. Sip n' Dip
5. Choppy's
6.Rough and Ready (fire house)
7. Big Red
8. Big Blonde
9. broke back beard trimming
10. Beaver Meadow
11. Vagine Ravine
12. Derek's flute solo
13. tumble weed
14. cafe fridge
15. unopened mop
16. fur masks
17. short shorts and long ponytails
18. no diners in RI
19. Le Creperie
20. Zoe and Ivy
21. go to sleep song/ and extra lyrics made by Jen
22. small teeth in the big woods/ man in his pj's
23. pump it!
24. hold onto your hats
25. foaming dead bodies
26. The Marriott
27. shit son
28. tunits

Connie really had to pee, and could not wait for a rest area. We pulled off next to a ravine so Connie could use the facilities. We dubbed it the vagine ravine. She is lucky enough to have a big sister (me) who has a Mary Poppins purse. The purse had tissues, and antibacterial hand lotion for her to use during her woodland adventure.

The music playing was delightful--for many reasons. Heres Mindy, Grahm, Connie and Kate. Kyle and Derek also played but the pics of him didn't come out.

Sunday afternoon Derek, Mindy, Connie, Kate, and I went to La Creperie. I highly recommend this hole in the wall restaurant. I got a spinach, mushroom, and feta cheese crepe. It was called the Rita. Delectable.

I have a feeling this is just the tip of the splendid road trips iceberg. woo!

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