Friday, October 3, 2008

Tuna Melt

Tuna melts are consumed by many-an old person in many-a greasy diners, but this sandwich will knock your socks off. Ryan tore this recipe out of an Esquire magazine before he met me, and has been talking about it since we started getting serious about moving in together. (Ok, so what if us talking seriously about moving in together was only a couple weeks after we met...)
We adapted this recipe slightly. We switched out the multi-grain bread for rye bread from the framers market, and used 1 little pack of Italian tuna in oil, and 1 little pack of lite tuna in water. The results were delicious, and the sandwiches were easy as can be to make.


Crow Girl said...

Hey Jen Jordan-- if I move to Philadelphia, in... say... 2 weeks, will you make your AKT little one of those delish looking tuna melts??

Hope to see you soon!

J Jordan said...

Of course! What neighborhood are you moving to? :)

ps add me to your friends so I can read your blog too :)

Crow Girl said...

university city-- ha. west motherfucking philadelphia, like will smith. although, i'm looking at one apartment in center city, too. where do you reside?

i'll try adding you back. blogger befuddles me. i have to ask one of the younger allens to navigate it.

J Jordan said...

haha, you crack me up. are you going to school in west philly?

i live been living in old city for about 2 months now. i really like it. are you bringing a bike? i recommend biking the city- its so much fun although a little scary.

oh, oh! we should set up running dates!