Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quaker Wedding

I am terribly interested in Quaker monthly meetings, and hope to attend one soon. Throughout history Quakers have been progressive in thought, and peaceful in action.
A coworker of mine recently told me of her own simple Quaker wedding. Since then I've researched and learned so much more about this unceremonious and fairly silent tradition. Friends gather in a circle with the couple in the center, if/when a friend feels the urge to speak they then do so. There is no wedding march at the service, religious leader conducting the ceremony, only equals gathered to honor friends who are making a promise to one another. After about 45 minutes to an hour the couple makes impromptu vows to one another, the the marriage certificate is signed by all in attendance.
This sounds very romantic, and charming.


Anonymous said...

on six feet under once,they had a few episodes where nate fischer met a quaker girl and got really drawn into the whole quaker thing. the sitting in silence for mass each week seemed so peaceful, and strangely...logic. i love nate fischer, and i really love nate fischer when he develops odd fascinations with quakers. those quakers, they got something figured out.

J Jordan said...

Sounds like the Quaker loving Nate Fischer is making your heart "quake". :P