Saturday, February 28, 2009

Attic Bedroom

Over the past few months I've been having eerily vivid, crushing dreams. Recently, I dreamed about my childhood best friend who is soon to be married. The distance between us grew much to far to mend after I left for college, and bridges haven't been mended since. I dreamed that we were at our current age in an attic bedroom (much like her childhood bedroom). We lay in bed next to one another with scrapbooks of old collected memories- like we did as teenagers with Vogue and W magazines. The light poured through gauze covered windows in my dream, it was the yellow gold light of summertime. We laughed and laughed, but then she looked at me with a stone cold face and told me that she was still not inviting me to her wedding. I woke up feeling awful.
Dreams that are so close to reality, that dip their toes in the pool of your conscious, have the power to stick with you far longer then expected.

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