Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recent Reading

Although I would probably never recommend this book, Alone! Alone! Lives of Some Outsider Women, I did find some quotes to be magnificent.

"Those ghastly days, when I was by myself in the little house in Mt. Vernon Street, how I longed to flee in to the firemen next door and escape from the "Along, Alone!" that echoed through the house, rustled down the staris, whispered from the walls and confronted me, like a material presence, and I sat writing, counting the moments s they turned themselves from today into tomorrow."

"it is no fun being an oddity for it makes one eternally lonely."

I have renewed this book countless times to share these quotes with you. Now the next person who reads this book will just have to look for the dog-ears, and won't have to suffer through the blah of the rest of the book.

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