Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mannerisms and SEPTA

SEPTA M-4 (Adtranz) 1218
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Earlier this week I had a professional development day where I noticed my mannerisms have been slightly altered. As the speaker was presenting his information I found myself behaving like a watered down vision of my students. Eye contact?-No. Scoffing?-Yes. Eye Rolling?-You bet. I could not believe that I've picked up on these qualities. Then again, its only natural to adapt and pick up behaviors of the people you're with a majority of your day.

Oh, and... as my students would say "Miss, SEPTA's drawn!"

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Anonymous said...

My pd was in the greater northeast.

effff that. I used a sick day. No way I was paying a %40 dollar cab ride (one way!)


ps. septa IS drawn.