Monday, May 2, 2011

Work It!

A hand tinted fairy by lovedaylemon
A hand tinted fairy, a photo by lovedaylemon on Flickr.

What do you do when you feel stressed out or upset?

I move my body. When my dad told me he was moving out when I was away at college I ran up and down the steps of my dorm building countless times until I could not lift my legs. About a year ago I would run and run on the treadmill, and peddle around the city until my limbs were jello.

So many people talk about being able to think the clearest when they are in the shower. I feel the same way, but only after I shower off a really hard work out.

Today I did barre work in addition to my gym routine. Then took a really nice shower. Things are a little confusing, and it felt so much better to get my feelings out through movement.


Tahl said...

Did you do thinking when you used to move your body for being stressed out or you just do movement for no purpose :D

J Jordan said...

Good question! When I move my body it's like a pause button for my mind. It gives me release from thinking too much, and when I'm done I'm too tired to over-think.