Monday, July 25, 2011

The Romantics

Bubble by Maddie Joyce
Bubble, a photo by Maddie Joyce on Flickr.

Have you ever read The Romantics by Galt Niederhoffer?

I recently finished it, and while I thought it was "ok", I loved the writing style and some passages.

This one I really liked:

"Memories of Tom looked different. Their colors were sharper and richer, like grass after it rains. And she had been in love enough times to rule out the possibility that this was merely some feat of nostalgia. [...] But with Tom, she felt the same pressure to finish a thought that she would if she were talking to herself, It was understood that they shared the same thresholds--the same inexhaustible appetite for wasting time, for discussing lofty ideas, for dissecting trivial things , for driving nowhere in particular, for listening to music, for talking about books, for obsessing over pop culture, but mostly for laughing, talking, and simply being together."

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