Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I watched a movie tonight that I think you'd like (for a 'girl' movie). You'd think about Chicago, and how we spent time there. A magical time before things started to unravel. You'd think about your dad, and how you remember the same same little things about him too. You'd think of your sports car you had ages ago. The one that took you to me when we first met on our country's birthday. You'd catch my eyes get wet if we were watching it together, and you'd tease me. I get so sentimental. When it was over you'd turn off the movie (we only watch through the credits in the theatre), and smoke while you wrote down the name, date, and who you were watching it with. You'd add it to that list that's hidden behind the password.

“Just how happy I am, in this moment right now. The way the light’s hitting that face of yours… there’s this little breeze coming through the window. And it doesn’t matter if I have ten thousand more moments like this, or just this one because it’s all the same. Right now, this moment. I have this.” Love & Other Drugs

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