Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

If you are a follower you know I participate in "Fill in the Blank Friday" over at The Little Things We Do. Two weeks ago I chose not to participate because I felt the questions were already used. Last week there were no blanks since the "blanks" were getting re-vamped. I really like the new blanks- there is only one. It might take me a day to respond since I want it to be thoughtful. Anyway, here it goes:

Picture via Little Things We Do

I blog because I think a lot. I always have some idea rolling around in my head that I feel needs to come out. Before I started a my blog (many moons ago) I'd eventually forget what I was thinking about. Now I have a place to put those ideas.

My blog is also a place for me to track what goes on in my life. Although it is not a personal and private as a journal, it loosely chronicles my life. My blog is very much like my art: I do it for me because if I didn't I might not feel as balanced.

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