Friday, June 22, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

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Summer is magical. I love everything about it from lightning bugs, and sparkling sand to sticky bodies from sweat, watermelon, and ice cream. I have had so many different types of summers.

Growing up my sister and I would go to Florida for 6 weeks. We'd enroll in day camps, and met local kids. My grandparents once rented a house on an island. Grandma would keep the fridge stocked with treats that were forbidden at home. Spending those summers with my sister really made us close.

The rest of my childhood summers were spent at  the community pool. Those days smelled of chlorine, warm pine needles, and lake water. Mom would pack a snack bag and we'd spend the day down there. Most of the time we'd walk back home picking wild blackberries along the way.

In college I was a camp counselor at a sleep away camp near my house. It was close to home but I decided to live at camp to have the full experience. When you are at camp it is like living on another planet. Everyone is happy (except the rare homesick camper). It is a consuming experience. You eat, sleep, and breath camp. There is singing ALL.THE.TIME, and there is a song for everything- it goes beyond taps and a blessing before meals. Happy campers (and counselors) are rewarded with food. My first year as a counselor was a healing time for me as I lost a good friend that year. I was able to get away from "real live" to grieve.

My summers as a teacher have been marvelous. I love the time to myself to do exactly what I want. I have little projects going on, and do them at my leisure. I think of lessons for the school year. I travel to destinations I'd day dream about while school is in session.

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