Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mom & Dad's Music Collection (Part 2- Dad)

Two weeks ago I wrote about the All Things Considered episode about your parents' music. I focused on the music my mom would play.

This post is for Dad. My dad is quite a character, and self-described as a "lost boy" (ala Peter Pan). The way he listened to music was like a teenager. He would go into his den, the place that housed his stereo, and would put on record after record at volumes that piratically shook our house. Dad would lay out the album covers and CD jackets to study the pictures, lyrics, and credits. There were only two ways to listen to music in the car loud and louder! He'd conduct songs queuing players exactly when they were to come in, and play air instruments.

 His taste in music is all over the map, but deep down he's a rock-n-roller.

His favorite: The Rolling Stones. Dad has seen The Stones in concert more time than he can count on his fingers and toes. This is one of my favorites.


He loves the blues. So much, he even was a DJ on a College station while we were growing up.

He'd describe this as "greazzzy".

Then there were the "classics". What the "ol' Zips" would listen to.

Dad is a bit of a hippie too, let us not forget! And the number one song to float in and out of my childhood memories:

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