Sunday, January 13, 2008


Connie is my sister, she's pretty great. Not only is she one tough cookie, but she can eat cookie dough with the best of them until bellies ache. She is super all around.

She is very musically talented, and can play so many instruments from the shake em baby eggs to the mandolin. Did I mention her gorgeous voice, yeah, well shes has that too. Impressive, huh? I think so.

She is two years younger then me, and swears that shes the cuter one. At least we have the same wide mouthed smile. You know, the one where you can see right back to our wisdom teeth because our top lips disappear. That smile almost won her homecoming queen in high school.

Connie can make almost anything. She'll knit you a scarf or leg warmers for Christmas, or sew you something pretty rad for your birthday. Once I got a pretty cool Kermit the Frog purse. I hear trees around the tri-state area will be recipients of some gorilla art sweaters. If you need a knot untied she's your girl.

We were college roommates for a semester, and managed not to kill each other.

She has a great sense of style, and can find a steal of a deal on a sales rake or salvation army. And can whip up an HTML code lickity-split. (Thanks for the help with the banner, BTW)

Connie knows her stuff about politics, and will roll her pretty blue eyes at you if you aren't a responsible American.

She loves coffee, history, and jewish culture.

Connie J and I have been best friends for 21 years. I love her.

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Bobby said...

what a hot bitch that connie is

- mob