Sunday, January 17, 2010

2009 Resolution Recap

Last year around this time I wrote my resolutions for 2009. Heres how I did:

Resolution #1-Take Action- Grade B-
I've made step towards following through. Since I started teaching I haven't had the opportunity to make as many plans resulting in not breaking them. That is something I didn't foresee.

Resolution #2-Keep In Touch- Grade B+
I have been picking up the phone more. I even write emails to old friends, and comment here and there on Facebook.

Resolution #3-Stretch More- Grade A-
All last winter I would do three rounds of the yoga position Sun Salutation. Since school started I set aside 20-30 minutes to stretch and loosen up in the AM.

Resolution #4-Make More Art- Grade D-
I haven't made much progress on my art in 2009. I was doing more collage, and sticking to the same old. The stuff I made held my interest however, it didn't pull me in like an earth magnet to a refrigerator door.

Resolution #5-Read More- Grade F
Reading in 2009 slowed to a trickle. Fear not, 2010 almost has 2 books under its belt!

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