Saturday, February 19, 2011

How it Happened

Ouch Day3
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I guess you readers deserve a bit of an expectational. This week the weather was beautiful, for February anyway. Sixty-something can feel glorious in the dredges of winter. I took this as an opportunity to run outdoors, more specifically: the park by the Delaware.

While I ran down the dirty streets of the recently melted city I remembered a man who was running in Miami. He was doing this crazy agility training regimen that included jumping from little park pillar to park pillar. "What a great idea!" I thought.

Turns out it was not a great idea. I was only able to jump to 2 pillars successfully. After that I fell. My leg hit the pillar, I fell onto my hip shoulder and then FACE. Luckily, my cutie face was not harmed.

I know a few people witnessed this Youtube worthy fall. I was so embarrassed sitting there on my butt, so I pretended to stretch...

Only me.

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