Friday, May 27, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Untitled by everafterglow
Untitled, a photo by everafterglow on Flickr.

1. If I could get away somewhere for the weekend I would go to a quiet beach and I would bring a few friends and some firewood for a beach camp fire.

2. Something I often rant about is work. Complaining is a school wide hobby. Its so bad, I’m trying to quit.

3. One item I need to have in my fridge at all time is eggs and tortillas. It’s easy to whip of a fast quick dinner with those two ingredients and not very much else.

4. My "life-saving" product is blush. Rosy cheeks can make you look real cute, even on the most “un-cute” days.

5. A friend is someone who knows you and loves you in/dispite your flaws, and enjoys spending time with you. Time is the kicker here. Our time is the most valuable thing we have to give.

6. If I could write my own blank it would be “If you could only see black and white what is the one color you’d pick to see in addition to the b&w?

7. My favorite kind of art is TO DO: watercolors. I like the challenge of it. TO LOOK AT: I like it all. I like to figure out how it was made, and what it’s all about. I am on the hunt for some new artwork for my apartment, and have my eyes peeled for some good stuff.

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