Thursday, July 14, 2011

This photo has nothing to do with this post.
Vine St. Apt
Circa 2009

At the gym I watch TV. Sometimes gems: like Sunday Morning, other times guilty pleasures ala America's Next Top Model, and Sex and the City.

It just dawned on me, these chick shows are starting to seep into my conscientious. "Why?" you ask..Well, I just caught myself having sitting at my Macbook thinking about blog post in monologue voiced over by Carrie Bradshaw (aka SJP). Too much!! Haha!

I was drawing a comparison to the pain of child birth and the pain of a break up. Mothers have more babies, and "forget" the pain. While us singles also "forget" when we leap into the arms of other lovers (in due time...for most of us, ehem!). In both situations something (a baby/lover from one's heart) is being evicted rapidly. How do we move on and "forget" these painful experiences? Perhaps the gain far outweighs the chance of hurt.

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