Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Once I tried to make a sweater, but I messed/gave up and it turned into a chunky cowl. I have been thinking of knitting something lately. Do you think he sweater below would be too challenging? Maybe I should stick to flat stuff, like throw blankets and scarfs...
sweater via


ME said...

I love the sweater! It does not look too challenging to me. I'm fairly new to knitting myself but would love to try that pattern. Would you mind passing on where the pattern is from?
I think you should try it. Also. there is a neat blog, by gum by golly on blogspot dot com you might like as she is a knitter with a knitting college and I love to follow her as she is full of great knitting info. and advice.
Good luck!

J Jordan said...

I am going to buy the pattern, but knowing myself I probably won't be done until spring! The pattern is linked at the bottom of the page.